Project Payday – Is Project Payday a Scam or Legit?

Project Payday Scam
- There are literally thousands of methods to make money being advertized on the internet today, from perfectly sound, proven strategies to completely bogus claims. Among them is one that has gained attention recently for promising good payouts quickly called Project Payday. The advertizing for this particular method does not promise to make you a millionaire overnight, but does state that you can be paid potentially hundreds of dollars per day with relatively little work if you follow their program.

Project Payday - Despite the apparently “honesty” of what Project Payday offers, that it is not an overnight success, but a way to earn a healthy amount of cash consistently, the adverts are reminiscent of other, previous programs that were basically bogus in nature and never paid what they promised. So the question remains, is this a Project Payday Scam?
Before answering that question, the first step is learning the methods that what Project Payday uses to generate money. Essentially, when you sign up for Project Payday, you are shown a variety of ways to promote what are known as CPA’s or “cost per action”. A CPA is when you make an offer about information such as “Enter your Email Address to Win a Free iPad” for example and advertize that webpage on the internet. For every person that signs up, which is to say gives their email address, you get a commission whether the person actually buys whatever product or service is offer. The only requirement is that they hand over the email address, zip code or whatever else is required to the company.

Project Payday Scam - Actually, this system, which has been in use since internet use rose in the late 1990’s is a well recognized and legitimate way to make money. What you do is run advertizing, banners, websites, classified ads, etc. and for every person who sends in their email address, you get a set amount of money, this is known as a “lead”. The company who pays you commissions for every “lead” knows that only about 1 in 5 may pan out and actually pay for a product, but it is worth it since the money generated far exceeds the cost. By doing the advertizing, you are acting as a marketing agent bringing in potential customers.

What makes Project Payday different is that their commission is higher, generally $5 per lead. The problem at the center of the Project Payday scam is that many of the companies that are supposedly signed up are fake and while you might make a little money at first, you’ll soon be wasting your time and eventually lose money in the process.

There are other, legitimate CPA companies out there who do pay far less than Project Payday offers, normally just above $1 for every lead. But the money is real and by using free methods of advertising, such as writing effective articles and having them published on Ezines and the like, you can make a decent amount of money consistently.


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